Who is this course for?

The Intermediate course is aimed at all those who have already made a Beginner Course (with us or with other schools) and want to continue improving.

Many people have learned how to handle a kite but they were not taught how to set it up and take it off on a beach, just as they did not learn to enter the water or cross the wave line to be able to put on the board calmly.

It may also be that you have made a Beginner course but have not been able to do waterstart and the first meters of navigation. Maybe you can ride downwind but not upwind.

If you are one of them or another that we have not named, this may be your course.

How long the course will be?

In this case, it will depend on your objectives and previously acquired skills. The first thing we will do is a brief test to see that the previous knowledge and skills have not been lost in memory and then we will define how many days will be necessary to get where you want.

What will you need?

As the entire course takes place in the water, we recommend wearing a wetsuit of a thickness depending on each person and time of year.

We also understand that these courses must be with your own equipment, which will be the one you have already used and the one you will continue using when you finish the course. Even so, depending on the objective, we can provide you with the equipment for a small extra fee.