Wich is the goal with this course?

With the beginner kitesurfing course we want you to know and get introduced to this exciting sport. We know that there are many concepts that are new to you and we do not want you to know them all, but we do want you to have a clear idea of how and why kites fly, where and how to set up all the equipment, how the tides work, etc. We want you to be ready at the end of the course to be able to handle the kite by yourself.

What will you learn?

The first step of this kitesurfing course is to learn simple but necessary technical aspects when practicing this sport: SEA (Spot, Enviroment and Activities), set up a complete kite with its bar and lines, to know the different safety systems that exist and how to use them. You will help as an assistant to lift the kite and make the first contacts with it, ending the day with a brief handling.
It is a day to introduce you to the world of wind, tides, setting up, packaging, etc.

You will remember the setting up of the kite and the safety systems and you will start flying a kite on your own, with the supervision and safety of the instructor ALWAYS by your side for now.
You will learn how a kite moves and why, flying with two hands, with one, walking with it and doing the first Body Drag Upwind simulations, so necessary later in the water. We will finish launching and landing the kite as a pilot, with the help of the instructor as an assistant.
The day will help you begin to handle the kite and understand it as much as possible because it will be our greatest friend in this sport (the kite) and we must know each other well.

We will start as always, setting up the kite and remembering the safety systems as well as flying the kite again in the sand. If you have learned the BodyDrag Upwind in the sand, it is time to put it into practice in the water: bodydrag downwind and upwind and relaunching the kite are the most important goals of the day since it will help us to be able to handle ourselves without problems the next day . You will enjoy the powerstroke, for sure.

Today the time is based on overturning the practices of the second day but in the water, whose conditions will make us need to adapt what we learned in the sand.

Last day of this kitesurfing course! You already know how to set up the kite, you know the safety systems, you know how to make bodydrag upwind to recover the position and you relaunch the kite when it falls so it’s time to have a prize: the board. First we will try the exercise in the sand and then enter the water handling the kite and with the board in hand. Once inside, it will be time to bodydrag with the board, steady pull and finally, start trying the Waterstart.

On this last day of initiation the kite bug will have gotten into your mind and will never come out again.

Do you need more days?

curso kitesurf

What will you need?

For beach days you only need desire, sunscreen and glasses.

For the days when you have to enter the water you will need a wetsuit, which we recommend is thick (4:3) even in summer.

How can I get to the beach?

As it is a private kitesurfing course, we can pick you up at your hotel or meet you if you have your own vehicle, depending on whether you want to return with us later or want to stay freely in the same spot we go to.