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How long is every session?

We are a private kite school so we don’t look at the clock to see when we’re done and leaving. We want you to learn how to kite well and that is why we control what time is it but not the spending time, even so, we calculate the sessions at approximately 2 hours when courses for one person and 3 hours if there are two of you.

What happens if I book a course and there is no wind on the scheduled days?

If you have booked a course and due to lack of wind it cannot be carried out partially or completely, we reschedule it for other days. If we cannot reschedule, we will proceed to a full or partial refund, depending on the days/hours remaining.

At FuerteKite we do not seek to bill you but rather to learn to kitesurf, therefore, if the forecasts are very bad for the days you have chosen, we will notify you in advance. We don’t want you to take wasted walks. However, sometimes forecasts are not accurate.

Can I reschedule a course already booked and paid for?

We are not strict with the duration of the sessions but we are strict with the days and times scheduled for the course. If you have booked for certain days and you have changed your mind, another plan has arisen or you have woken up with a hangover, you will lose part or all of what you paid.

Likewise, if you are late one day, you will lose that time.

If for any reason you are not going to keep the appointment, we ask that you call us the day before, that way, we can try to solve it between both of us.

Do I always need a wetsuit?

Our advice is that, for water classes, always wear a wetsuit. It will help you with buoyancy and give you the heat your body needs to avoid wasting energy.

Even if you think the water is hot if you touch it, even if you come from very cold countries or cities and are used to it, whenever you spend time in the water, the cold may come and it will always be better to be a little warm than at all. contrary.

In winter, local riders ride with 4:3 or even 5:4 suits and in summer, 3:2 shorts are the most used.

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